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Department of Industrial Design

The corporate sector currently has a growing need for industrial design professionals. Graduates of this department will be well equipped with the knowledge and skills to work in any relevant fields of product design, such as print design, CIS design, product planning, computer drawing, and indoor design, etc. Another potential path for our graduates to take is to attend a graduate institute in a relevant field. This department will continue to train specialists in humanistic design and design management. The department and graduate institute primarily focus on training the basic design talent. Blending the knowledge of art, technology, the humanities, and human welfare, as well as the integration of theory and practice, we encourage our students to become professional designers or researchers with interdisciplinary knowledge and skills.

  • Professional expertise: Through systematic training, students could learn the knowledge and skills of analysis, creation, and product design to resolve design problems. Theme design and research are also explored in order to increase each student’s ability of project research, collaboration and management.
  • Practical skill: Students are required to explore and work in a chosen business for about two months to gain their practical experience before they graduate. The department and the business work together to ensure our students to gain the maximum benefits from it.
  • Theory and practice combination: Students have the opportunity to explore and further strengthen their design skills by participating in the design projects of the Design Service Center and the other design-related Lab.