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Abouts us


The College of Management was founded in 1993. It started with three departments: Department of Health Care Management, Department of Business Administration, and Department of Industrial Design. The college has grown significantly over the years.

  • 1995  Established the Graduate Institute of Management
  • 1997  Inaugurated two graduate programs by the institute: Health Care Management and Business Administration.
  • 1998  Established the Department of Information Management
  • 2000  Renamed the Graduate Institute of Management to the Graduate Institute of Business Administration and 
        started the EMBA (Executive Masters of Business Administration) program
  • 2000  Established the Graduate Institute of Health Care Management and the Graduate Institute of Information 
  • 2001  Established the Graduate Institute of Industrial Design
  • 2001  Inaugurated EMHA (Executive Masters of Healthcare Administration) program
  • 2003  Inaugurated the doctorate program at the Graduate Institute of Business and Management
  • 2003  Inaugurated EMIS (Executive Masters of Science in Information Systems) program
  • 2005  Started the APEMBA (Asia-Pacific Executive Masters of Business Administration) program jointly with 
        National Sun Yat-Sen University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • 2006  Established School of Business with MBA program
  • 2011  Restructured executive business degree programs under School of Business
  • 2011  Established Research Center for Industry Innovation for the Senior Citizens
  • 2011  Established Center for Formosa Plastic Group Practice Case Study


Vision & Mission


To become a highly regarded management college in the Asia-Pacific Region


Our mission is to advance the welfare of society by fostering intellectual curiosity in the pursuit of excellence in management through GITA(Global perspective, Innovative research, Theory and Application) practices.

To fulfill this mission, we are committed to:

-Inspiring innovation research and learnging that are global in vision,

-Promoting cutting-edge management theories and their applications,

-Equipping our students with the ability to translate theory into practice,

-Nurturing future leaders who embrace their ethical responsibility to society.






Degrees offered
Departments/Graduate Institute Bachelor Degree Master Degree Doctoral Degree
Department of Industrial and Business Management B.S. M.S.  
Department of Health Care Management B.S. M.S.  
Department of Information Management B.S. M.S.  
Department of Industrial Design B.S. M.S.  
School of Business   M.B.A  
Graduate Institute of Business and Management     P.H.D.



The College of Management is committed to provide students with high-quality campus facilities featuring plentiful space for learning, working in groups, and socializing with peers. Numerous computing and design facilities as well as research laboratories are available to students throughout the campus.

All graduate students are eligible to use study rooms that are equipped with internet facilities to enable business care analysis and preparation for classes.

We are also committed to provide an exceptional learning environment to share management experiences and resource sponsored by the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, the Formosa Plastics Group and other enterprises.



"Integrating management concept with practices" is the primary education goal of the College of Management. To meet this goal, students are trained to relate management theories to practical problems, and to understand theories better by applying them in solving real problems.  
Based on this fundamental principle, the College of Management aims to prepare students becoming professionals with global view and strategic vision. Our students will become the backbones in various industries, who possess not only fact-seeking attitudes but also potential leadership in strategic planning and execution. 
Furthermore, to help develop students’ characters and value systems, “Community Service” classes are required allowing students to participate in service activities that are needed in the society. This will increase students’ awareness of various issues in the society they live in.
Group Outdoor Activity
Community Service
Charity Bazaar in Community for Genesis Social Welfare Foundation (Part I) Our college not only emphasizes the training of professional knowledge and skill, but also the cultivation of concerns for the wellbeing of the society.
Participation in Chang Gung Health and Culture Village Activity
The students are strongly encouraged to participate in elderly community activities as volunteers.